“She IS a God.”

I was told this morning that I might be setting my aims a little high. But I simply don’t see why I can’t be Wonder Woman. Charming, sexy, athletic; a warrior fighting for Love.

I showered (where my best thinking is done), and I remembered that when I was sexy, athletic, and even fun, it was all based on idealism.

I had sat down after I dropped out of college (the first time), and — directionless and terrified by this — I had deeply pondered my ideals. What mattered to me? On which values should I base my life?

In short: what did I find worth living for?

Beauty, I decided. And excellence: giving myself completely over to whatever I was doing. Intimacy: that deep connection with others which was nowhere in my own childhood or family (and so would become a lifetime deficiency and make me a master of building community to satisfy this loss).

And fun.

I read an article just recently that talked about the “playful aspect of romance” that was so prevalent in classic movies/life, but seemed nowhere in media/culture today.

Playful romance, excellence, beauty, intimacy, and love were ALL OVER that movie last night.

And so my sights are set. Done.

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